Leonard Jones is a Certified Advanced Clinical Interventionist trained under the RAAD Model, using both the Surprise and Invitational Models . and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC-I)

He is trained to identify mental health disorders such as Codependency, mood disorders, and other DSM-5 disorders, some problems that you will see when working with families and family members when performing a professional intervention. His goal is to help you to begin to understand the basic clinical aspects of mental health and commonly seen disorders when working with family members, addicts, alcoholics and people who suffer from all types of compulsive behaviors.

He covers Individual, Family and Business Interventions on an in-depth level.

Leonard first got sober in December of 2008 and opened Teskey Road To Recovery a year later, a Stage One Mens Recovery/Treatment facility in beautiful Chilliwack, BC.

His core belief is that recovery and quality of life are possible for those in need. Collaboration, courage and compassion set the tone for the care provided. He engages his clients with the respect and honesty they deserve, through every step of their journey towards recovery.

No two patients are exactly the same, and our philosophy of care recognizes this. Our interventions are designed to set clients on their own individual journeys to recovery. We know that addiction and mental illness thrive in isolation, which is why we choose safe, honest, and trusting therapeutic communities for our patients, clients, and families to share in the healing process.

You can reach Leonard at 1-855-554-4111 Toll Free in the US and Canada