When addiction knocks in, you may not know exactly when it’s time to call for help from an interventionist. It’s hard to tell because an addiction is an inside problem. However, you have all your solutions in Canadian Interventionist. We have professionals who can spot red flags in you or your loved ones. You can always seek the help of an interventionist at any time of addiction. Some signs that warrant a must visit to the interventionist include the following:

Behavior Change

People have a way to accommodate their addictions during the early stages. You may not notice anything in your loved one when they begin using drugs and substances of abuse. You will be lucky if you identify that they have had a recent behavior change. This means that it is good to be on the lookout if you suspect anything. An addict may begin being hostile to people or no apparent reason. This is when you know that it’s time to call for the help of an interventionist.


Since addiction has been established to be a disease, it affects the body even physically. If your loved one begins to have recurrent infections, seek an interventionist. The drugs weaken the immune system so much that the individual becomes susceptible to infections. You should have a bigger reason to seek help if you notice that the infections are new and chronic.


Lack of interest in anything is a bad sign in an addict. They are more prone to suicides when they get depressed. The best action to undertake for your loved one when you notice that they no longer enjoy their favorite TV program is to see an interventionist. Don’t wait for them to say negative things because you could be too late.

Addiction Relapse

While many people may deal with their addictions without seeking help, a relapse needs intervention. The professional interventionist will seek the cause of the relapse and help your loved one overcome the addiction once again.

Arresting addiction early is a very effective part of an intervention. Don’t wait for things to get worse. Just call for the help of an interventionist.